In the Labyrinth of the Senses

Sometimes it takes an absence to discover an omnipresence.  For this recent workshop, the inner ear was  honoured as eyes were bandaged and participants invited to centre on their sense of balance and movement through space.  Momentarily deprived of vision and partially of hearing --body orientation, head position, sensation of muscles and joints in body,…Read more In the Labyrinth of the Senses


Origins of growth, uprooted residents, coy interdependence, enveloping clumps. What more can these Tree-beings and plant companions --witnesses to past imperial adventures-- tell us about being upright, standing with poise and reaching slowly for the light?     How much can the myriad architectured solutions to living in an adapted environment teach us about building…Read more Architectures┬á


Is the body the same on both sides? As we examine closely the effort involved in walking, notice┬áthe complexity ┬áengaging feet, legs, hips, pelvis, arms. There is raising, lifting, pushing, dropping, touching, pressing. The shifting of the weight, the balancing of the arms. Can we feel that the body is more assymetrical than symetrical? How…Read more Walking

Circles and Paths

Let's explore this thing : walking. Can we be in walking while we walk? How does it feel? What does it take to remain there? How often and when do we escape the walking to do something else ┬á(thinking, planning, ruminating) besides putting one foot in front of the other? This walking...Where do you feel…Read more Circles and Paths

Radical Self Care?

Extreme caregivers and emotional labourers --professionals in the human and social services industries, but also wives, mothers, adult daughters, that's to say nearly always women-- should take better care of themselves. It's a platitude all too regularly ignored. In a society striated by leylines of power where certain┬átasks are deemed subaltern, and as corollary certain…Read more Radical Self Care?