Seasonal Stress 

Back to school. Often a mess. A tangle of things to do. With the difficulty of trying to find the beginning or the end.  A long thread of "to dos".  And in France, "to don't s". Why not take a moment to just look at the tangles. Admire the complexity. Admire even how this banal…Read more Seasonal Stress┬á



And the living is easy. So what is this ease. How might I locate an expression of ease and stay with it, observing it. In high summer when the grass is dried and the ground firm, the sun calls us to doze off in a quiet spot. Back against a tree or laying down. Resting.…Read more Summertime┬á


Is the body the same on both sides? As we examine closely the effort involved in walking, notice┬áthe complexity ┬áengaging feet, legs, hips, pelvis, arms. There is raising, lifting, pushing, dropping, touching, pressing. The shifting of the weight, the balancing of the arms. Can we feel that the body is more assymetrical than symetrical? How…Read more Walking

La Rentr├ęe? ├ëpineuse.

Back to school can be a stress challenge as we go from the leisurely long summer holiday stroll to a quick sprint, accelerating more quickly than is reasonable or healthy. Sometimes we need reminding to slow down and to pay attention differently. Handling prickly cacti is an excellent mindfulness exercise. We quickly realise that attending…Read more La Rentr├ęe? ├ëpineuse.