“The action wasn’t supposed to occur in the centre, but everywhere around  the audience. That is, in the four corners, in the gaps, and also from above”  –John Cage, composer

Nature, the Arts Within.

Urban Detox Workshops and individual consulting services. Helping you to Disconnect from the grid and Re-Engage your Senses for enhanced Wellness. 

Observe, identify, externalise and experience yourself in forgotten ways or in new ways while you encounter Nature, right here, in the city.

Perhaps you are looking for…

  • a stress management approach
  • a healthy reconnection with the natural world and the seasons of life
  • a personal life enrichment & wellness programme
  • you want to improve self-compassion
  • give yourself permission to pursue self-care
  • challenge your own perceptions of what you think you are able to do
  • improve soft skills, such as communication or sociability
  • or maybe you just want to have fun

If you are concerned by these issues, contact me.

Nature, the Arts Within well-being workshops and consulting services are an opportunity to practice alternative responses to existing personal narratives.

Heightened Sensory awareness is a prelude to improved Self awareness. Sense of self impacts our ways of being and communicating with others.

Services may involve

  • Mindfulness Walking
  • Guided Sensory Awareness Exercises for Self discovery.
  • Activities to explore Creativity and nourish your Imagination.
  • Opportunities to practice Presence to Self, for improved Self Care.
  • An invitation to Playfulness, whether you are child or adult

Based in a rehabilitative model of health and wellness, reap the therapeutic benefits of practicing and exercising with curiosity. Stretching awareness of what is, enabling yourself to experience life more fully, along new pathways: this is a process to which I am committed.

You can read about me and my professional pedigree. Or go to LinkedIn.

Our relationship provides opportunities to help yourself grow, experimenting through the various hands on tasks and exercises. Our time spent together will focus on enabling and empowering you to do better, to feel better, to be better… being enough.

Invariably embodied and mediated through Nature, work on presence of self is an invitation to clarify important behavioural details and discover new ways of acting or existing. This approach, helps reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The catalysts for change and the tools on which I rely are threefold:


  • our ability to engage processes in the living organic world
  • our ability to enter the creative process
  • Attentional Flexibility Training

My belief and corollary theoretical orientation is that fundamental learnings, and positive change are the result of experiencing the world and the self differently, in New and unusual ways. 

You can read more about Nature, the Arts within throughout the pages of this website which I hope you will enjoy taking the time to discover.

Don’t hesitate to contact  me directly if you have questions or remarks. But for now

Unearth, Come back to your senses.