“The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention, over and over again is the very root of jugement, character and will…”
William James

Gardens as objets trouvés

Gravity pulls us down and yet our energy keeps us upright.

But how are we upright? What is the nature of the support underneath? Can we wake up to the feel of the grass or the sand under foot, underhand, on our cheek? And what about sitting? walking? What about laying down? Have you not forgotten how to lay down too?


Without controlling or modifying or correcting anything, not stance, not gait, not breath, not posture, can we be sensitive enough to our sense of presence, the wind on our skin, the rain on our skin, the cold on our skin?

Can it help if we lie in the grass, or rub a hand against the moss that coats the bark of our city trees? Can we enrich our sensory diet just by attending to what is already there? By being alert to what we can already do? By being watchful over what we can still do everyday despite it all? Join me while we explore. Contact

Come with your curiosity. 

Let us learn by heart. Learn from feeling from the inside. Let us give this learning from inside a chance, outside. We can practice flexing our perceptual attention, widening and narrowing our sensory muscles. Its not so much about relaxing as about being awake. Taking nothing for granted.

Enter the public parks and greenhouses of Paris as objects trouvés: from garden walks to garden stops, we will practice sense-able movement and sensory connection through tactile and embodied activity. While we wander and meander we will actually exercise attention, training our distracted minds.


Leave your cyber-gadgets in you bags, in your pockets, at home.

Join us as we rely on our natural Parisian park environments to explore space, movement, texture. Contact

Through organic and inorganic, with objects and media, trying imaginative stretching and walking, we will put emphasis on fostering a tactile rapport with the botanical world as a way to being with ourselves differently.

A little like looking at the sky for the first time after a long day indoors.

PLAY         GROW         PRACTICE