Rester Etranger – Another Country

Recently, two of my very different practices overlapped harshly in the near same time-space. Speaking about mental health in post colonial polyphonic multiple spaces of consciousness and the emotional labour involved when alter(ed)-identity is rehearsed daily with all public signifiers indexing the erasure of these same selves. Writing and performing original text with creative…Read more Rester Etranger – Another Country

Therapeutic Landscapes – 8000 years old

I was told by the interpreter that the kurdish say the mountains are their friends when they have no other friends. Working in Northern Iraq Autonomous rรฉgion of Kurdistan was revelatory, because it meant thinking through things or rather through non human beings, in order to help the local psychotherapists there learn new approches to…Read more Therapeutic Landscapes – 8000 years old

Crisis Clinic Covid -19

A COVID-19 Crisis Clinic with Black mental health professionals to respond to community distress credit image Shutterstock A group of therapists and psychologists from the Paris based Collectif PsynoirEs is on call and providing free consultation services to those who are feeling isolated and vulnerable given the current context. The international sanitary crisis and the…Read more Crisis Clinic Covid -19