Continuous Drawing?

Artist Paul Klee once said that drawing is like taking a line for a walk. I thought it would be interesting in a recent workshop to have our walk become more concrete as we left traces or lines wherever we passed. My hypothesis was that this near walkscape type performance might be a way of…Read more Continuous Drawing?


Visage -Contre Visage

Our workshop took place in the gardens of the PĆØre Lachaise cemetery. A fitting location for exploring Samhain, the Celtic new year, a harvest festival preparing the arrival of deadly winter while celebrating the crop yield that will keep us alive. Samhain is also the time for commemorating the links between the living and the…Read more Visage -Contre Visage

Communicating VesselsĀ 

What can we learn by observing others communicate or relate, leaving the trace of a story arch as testament to something having happened.  And what "Others" are good to observe?  A group of workshop participants recently appropriated the invitation to observe and explore the question in both verbal and non verbal ways. The Other in…Read more Communicating VesselsĀ