“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.”
Virginia Woolf

Practicing Sustainable Self Care?

If you’re someone who is constantly working to help others, you might also be someone who gets caught up in giving to others, forgetting to reflect on your own mental and spiritual well-being.

You might feel selfish when you slow down to focus on yourself.

Yet, sustainable self-care is an investment not only in your personal well-being, but in the well-being of others who surround you.

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Taking time every day to channel your inner peace and refill your cup, learning how to better manage your stressors (often self inflicted)  will actually give you the energy to fulfil your obligations, be more supportive of others and get things done.

Sustainable self care impacts  healing, relaxation, productivity, intuition & creativity.

Having your own mental clarity will enable you to show up to the rest of your life the ways that you want to.

How Art Therapy helps to nurture vital well-being?  

Art therapy is essentially a non verbal (or less than verbal) psychopractical and psychotherapeutic approach that articulates object relations theory and artistic  practice.  It allows for you to engage parts of your brain and your emotional life that may remain unavailable to you in classical verbal psychotherapy. Relying on the symbolic language and metaphor that the arts provide can allow for you to get behind defenses and resistances and provide opportunities to access parts of yourself that have been forgotten and buried.

This detoured approach leads to suprises and epiphanies that may be liberating as you discover alternate styles of being and doing that do not hinge on the pathos of your troubled self.

In the art studio, or outdoors, you may be invited to use assemblage, clay, paper maché, textiles, natural materials –the volume based arts media that are my professional specialty.

How Ecotherapies like Horticultural Therapy foster wellness ?

imageHorticultural Therapy combines the art and science of cultivation, and other plant related activities with the most current theories in human behaviour, neuroscience, and counselling psychology.

Horticultural therapy relies on gardening activities, floral design, nature crafts and land art in conjunction with traditional counselling and group process techniques to meet specific therapeutic goals.

Horticultural therapy is a client-centred treatment model that seeks to enhance social, cognitive and physiological functioning with the primary  intention of providing opportunities for good health while inspiring motivation for change.

img_3856I am personally committed to offering culturally responsive services that are enabling and empowering for clients with diverse backgrounds and abilities who have a particular history of being  “Othered”.  The body is the first line of defence.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”       –Audre Lorde

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