“If you’ve come to help me then you’re wasting you time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
Lilla Watson & the Aboriginal Activists Group


We make, we assemble, we unravel, we craft, we plant, we play, we have fun, we talk about what we are doing and how while touching, we are being touched.

And in the meanwhile we are also battling tension, anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, cyber-addiction, performance pressure… all recognisable ills of the contemporary city dwelling person, big or small. Please contact me.


Though our hands labour actively digging and binding, touching and arranging plants and flowers, we are gathering ย ourselves actively, observing, feeling, growing….paying attention on purpose to the resilient plant beings we hold in our hands.

Touching the earth, we are simply coming to our senses.

The natural world is helping usย to improve our sense of place, our sense of self, our sense of others.

HOW WE DO ITย  ย  ย WHO YOU AREย  ย  ย COSTโ‚ฌ