Is the body the same on both sides? As we examine closely the effort involved in walking, notice the complexity  engaging feet, legs, hips, pelvis, arms. There is raising, lifting, pushing, dropping, touching, pressing. The shifting of the weight, the balancing of the arms. Can we feel that the body is more assymetrical than symetrical?


How has the slant of the sun changed as we walk? How do the sounds arrive? Has the wind come calling once we pivot into place?

Does a space open to the sky feel different on the skin from a space that is enclosed by wintery trees? What are we risking as we go from one substrate underfoot to another? How is walking in a straight line along a path different from walking in a circle…or does it even matter at all?

How many details do we miss, or miss judge?  Are we weighted or playful, bored or restless? What is happening? Look, Sense. Where did our mind go, just then?

Are we holding our breath?

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