A new studio space for Nature the Arts within.

A place where you can come and settle in or settle down. Take a break, breath, slow down. Intimate, comfortable, welcoming. The new atelier is a place to come and explore, create, get lost, recover. Stop by for a cup of tea and a chat while I explain my nature based mindfully inspired art therapy approach to wellness. You can go for a walk in the garden of the Palais Royal afterwards.



We have settled in the 75015. Near metro Plaisance.

You can catch me in the studio space for a consultation.

Or outdoors in one of the many squares and parks of the capital.

Come and make some Art, smell the roses or plant your inner garden.




Hot off the Press and coming soon end 2017.

The Sensory Awareness Studio and consulting Eco-Art Therapy space.Β 

Variations on Sensory Awareness. A studio space for improvising on mindfulness studies.

A brick and mortar atelier and consulting workshop where you can explore coming back to your senses.

We will continue to work outdoors with the Γ©lΓ©ments and the more than human: playing, growing, wandering, creating, breathing, touching….dreaming.

But it may be useful to meet indoors from time to time to experiment, extend, enhance differently.

Γ€ bientΓ΄t.