The Art of Wandering


What business have I in the woods, if I am thinking of something out of the woods”. Thoreau

Forest Walks are shown to reduce blood pressure, lower salivary cortisol levels (the stress hormone), improve heart rate variability (lower pulse rate) and have positive effects on parasympathetic nerve activity.

Immersive contact with natural environments, versus the built environments of cities is shown to impact stress levels generally and therefore enhance immune system functioning.

In Japan, Shinrin Yuko or forest bathing has long been encouraged as a preventive health activity.

Sign up for a Nature the Arts within guided forest walk that marries mindful walking and artful walking to enhance mood and restore cognitive fatigue.

The 90 minute/2hour walks take place in Paris Bois de Boulogne or Bois de Vincennes or iand occasionally outside of the city, further afield.

These are not hikes. Or guided historical tours. And we are not walking to perform. We are simply being present, together, rediscovering the art of walking.

Check back here for our next event. Or see our MEETUP page.

If you can’t make time for a forest excursion, try some city walks. Read more here.

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