The Arts of Play



Remember that spark of excitement from childhood. The sense of curiosity and discovery and aliveness with little things?

Remember how playing meant touching and testing and turning something round and round in your hand before you would just stuff it in you pocket?

Can’t remember?

Nature the Arts Within runs regular 30 minute to 1hour sessions before work, at lunchtime and after work around Paris to help you get a sense of our offerings.

Usually held outdoors in your local park, the workshops are a mindful Nature informed break from the workplace.

Workshops offered in English or in French.

Check our MEETUP page.

Nature, the Arts Within also hosts a monthly workshop on Saturday mornings. These two hour workshops will help you to practice presence, explore mindfulness and foster creativity.

These once monthly free workshops are offered in English and/or French.

Check back for our next event.

Drop me a line for time and venue information. I will send you an invitation by email.


If you are looking for something more tailored then read more.

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