Sometimes it takes an absence to discover an omnipresence. 

For this recent workshop, the inner ear was  honoured as eyes were bandaged and participants invited to centre on their sense of balance and movement through space.  Momentarily deprived of vision and partially of hearing –body orientation, head position, sensation of muscles and joints in body,  detection of motion were privileged. 

Noticing rotation, relating to gravity and sensing linearity (acceleration/dΓ©cΓ©lΓ©ration) were also noted as we investigated vestibular and proprioception senses in the outdoors. It was also an occasion to attend to the senses of touch : on the skin, underfoot, the gentle presence of each ones walking guide. 

The timely metaphor of labyrinth refers to our sense of balance, some of which depends on information gathered in the labyrinthine canals of the inner ear. While we guided each other through and across the real labyrinthine paths of the Jardin des Plantes, we also explored trust, playfulness, strangeness.

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