Rain rain go away, come again another day. 

Or maybe not. 

The next time it rains, why not put away your umbrella for a moment. Lift your head to the sky. Feel the light drops of rain on the surface of your skin. Are they delicate or cold? Are they startling or familiar? Where is the rain annoying? In your hair? On your clothing? In your eyes? Where is it pleasurable? On the tips of your ears? On the back of your hands? In your eyes? 

And why not feel the sensation of mud underfoot as you walk cross your local square or park. Do you avoid the puddles or walk through them? 

Can you pay close attention to the sounds as you walk? What do you notice? A squelch, the suction? Slow down. Can you feel the resistance external but also internal?  The pull of the mud or wet sand around your boot, does it remind you of something else? How hard must you pull to take the next step? Can you find the exact point of contact? The exact point of release? Perhaps it is gravity speaking. 

These observations, explorations and discoveries are also part of the Arts of Walking. We just need to pay attention. 

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