Seasonal Stress 

Back to school. Often a mess. A tangle of things to do. With the difficulty of trying to find the beginning or the end.  A long thread of "to dos".  And in France, "to don't s". Why not take a moment to just look at the tangles. Admire the complexity. Admire even how this banal…Read more Seasonal Stress 


Pop up Gardens

An opportunity to share Nature the Arts within's working approach came my way recently at an unusual Parisian spot dedicated to creative self exploration. Seymour+, a sprawling loft studio space located in the 10th arrondissement, and its director Melissa Unger, graciously accommodated me as I invested the 5 interactive rooms to facilitate a playful workshop…Read more Pop up Gardens

Solstitium, the Sun stills

 "those of us who hold no religious or supernatural beliefs still require regular, ritualised encounters with concepts such as friendship, community, gratitude and transcendence" Alain de Botton,  Religion for Atheists Winter Solstice. The great Sun sits still a moment and then turns. The long night giving ease to incrementally longer days. This ceasing to move,…Read more Solstitium, the Sun stills