Seasonal Stress 

Back to school. Often a mess. A tangle of things to do. With the difficulty of trying to find the beginning or the end.  A long thread of "to dos".  And in France, "to don't s". Why not take a moment to just look at the tangles. Admire the complexity. Admire even how this banal…Read more Seasonal Stress┬á



And the living is easy. So what is this ease. How might I locate an expression of ease and stay with it, observing it. In high summer when the grass is dried and the ground firm, the sun calls us to doze off in a quiet spot. Back against a tree or laying down. Resting.…Read more Summertime┬á

Communicating Vessels 

What can we learn by observing others communicate or relate, leaving the trace of a story arch as testament to something having happened.  And what "Others" are good to observe?  A group of workshop participants recently appropriated the invitation to observe and explore the question in both verbal and non verbal ways. The Other in…Read more Communicating Vessels┬á

In the Labyrinth of the Senses

Sometimes it takes an absence to discover an omnipresence.  For this recent workshop, the inner ear was  honoured as eyes were bandaged and participants invited to centre on their sense of balance and movement through space.  Momentarily deprived of vision and partially of hearing --body orientation, head position, sensation of muscles and joints in body,…Read more In the Labyrinth of the Senses

Give Receive

The Rainy months of Spring are a reminder that the elements are in constant n├ęgociation. The Earth absorbing the water, the water finding its way down into the water table. While the sky breaks open and torrential rains fall, the earth yields, receiving. And soon from the earth against all odds, the seed that has…Read more Give Receive

Pop up Gardens

An opportunity to share Nature the Arts within's working approach came my way recently at an unusual Parisian spot dedicated to creative self exploration. Seymour+, a sprawling loft studio space located in the 10th arrondissement, and its director Melissa Unger, graciously accommodated me as I invested the 5 interactive rooms to facilitate a playful workshop…Read more Pop up Gardens