Back to school.

Often a mess.

A tangle of things to do. With the difficulty of trying to find the beginning or the end. 

A long thread of “to dos”. 

And in France, “to don’t s”.

Why not take a moment to just look at the tangles. Admire the complexity. Admire even how this banal clutter of unending yet very predictable patterns is managing you, confusing you, winding you up tight. 

Now look more closely. See the spaces, focus on the holes, the tears, the agglomérations at certain points. The irregularities that create interstices in which you can breath. 

Notice the articulations and where you might be able to ease through. Imagine moving through something as compact as this organic mess of algae found on a Brittany beach.  

More slowly, more carefully, gently. Become fluid, malléable, light, releasing. Exhale. 

Look again, closely enough and you might even begin to find that tangle of to dos laughable, ridiculous, surrreal, pretty.  

Now smile. 

You just gave yourself a much needed break. 

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