Our workshop took place in the gardens of the Père Lachaise cemetery. A fitting location for exploring Samhain, the Celtic new year, a harvest festival preparing the arrival of deadly winter while celebrating the crop yield that will keep us alive. Samhain is also the time for commemorating the links between the living and the dead.

First a bit of sketching with clay putty. And then encountering the earth.

Using clay we were able to create twined figures. Back to back, side to side, one inside of the other, recto verso, Janis like or Sita like…the working of the clay made its own limits known. A pairing of psyche and hands to experiment freely.

It was an opportunity to materially look into the other side, the shadowy deathly sides of life. In jungian tradition we interrogated our shadows selves, our daimons and the subterranean hidden parts of self.

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