Rester Etranger – Another Country

Recently, two of my very different practices overlapped harshly in the near same time-space. Speaking about mental health in post colonial polyphonic multiple spaces of consciousness and the emotional labour involved when alter(ed)-identity is rehearsed daily with all public signifiers indexing the erasure of these same selves. Writing and performing original text with creative…Read more Rester Etranger – Another Country

Visage -Contre Visage

Our workshop took place in the gardens of the Père Lachaise cemetery. A fitting location for exploring Samhain, the Celtic new year, a harvest festival preparing the arrival of deadly winter while celebrating the crop yield that will keep us alive. Samhain is also the time for commemorating the links between the living and the…Read more Visage -Contre Visage

Give Receive

The Rainy months of Spring are a reminder that the elements are in constant négociation. The Earth absorbing the water, the water finding its way down into the water table. While the sky breaks open and torrential rains fall, the earth yields, receiving. And soon from the earth against all odds, the seed that has…Read more Give Receive


Crowns and Sceptres.  On a January day of Kings and Revelations, a small group of 14 dreamers chooses to celebrate Queens  and Oracles. And rather than a coronation --for what use is a crown?-- there shall be a wielding of sceptres. Suddenly, with a branch, a twig, a rod, a staff from tree or shrub...we…Read more Epiphany