Balance is about weight distribution.

However we tend to forget that balance may be a form of equilibrium that does not rely on an “equal” distribution of weight. There may be symmetrical balancing acts but there are also assymetrical ones.

Indeed, as a corrective to the idea of balance, I prefer to speak of balancing acts. In order to balance we are never in stasis but always in motion, even if ever so slightly.

Balance is more about about how lines, shapes, colours and textures interact dynamically. It’s a way of imagining composition in life.

So how composed are we then while we are at the busy composing?

For example, do we understand the balance at work Β as we experience thoughts, sensations and feelings?

And how may our observations and intentions inflect the point, the pivot around which balance might establish itself over and over again ?

How much of this or how little of that is needed so that we remain slightly in motion.

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