Crowns and Sceptres.ย tam

On a January day of Kings and Revelations, a small group of 14 dreamers chooses to celebrate Queens ย and Oracles. And rather than a coronation –for what use is a crown?– there shall be a wielding of sceptres.

Suddenly, with a branch, a twig, a rod, a staff from tree or shrub…we can rebuild the world according to a communal vision. Our sceptres can be digging tools, their bark a source of healing medicines, taken together saplings are the beginning of shelter, or singly a flagpole indicating limits. But also here are weapons to protect ourselves or kindling for our welcoming warm hearths. Like so many others before us, we relate materially and symbolically creating rapport with a non-human/plant being. This is the humbling proximity that crafting, working with the hands affords.

Revisiting the organic woody tree debris of our city, we can honour the life cycle of these botanical urban residents (the living, dead, cut, fallen twigs, logs and roots) by extending their vitality through metaphor and ritual.

What is needed :

Slowed Time and a weaving hand willing to work the strange pieces of wood with curiosity.

Then a few pretty magpie’s treasures. Glittering scraps of velvet and taffeta and silk to dress the uniquely shaped branches of fallen city/suburban linden (Tilia ร— europaea),ย plane (Platanus ร— acerifolia)ย and horse-chesnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum).ย 

Add to this, where possible, ย a little contemplative silence, a mindful attunement to presence, ย and our souls begin to whisper to us.

(Photos by M.C.B)


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