A COVID-19 Crisis Clinic

with Black mental health professionals

to respond to community distress

credit image Shutterstock

A group of therapists and psychologists from the Paris based Collectif PsynoirEs is on call and providing free consultation services to those who are feeling isolated and vulnerable given the current context.

The international sanitary crisis and the recent shut down/confinement mesures taken may provoke a variety of reactions including β€”but not limited toβ€” fear, stress, anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and depression.

For the following two weeks, and until further notice, these experienced clinicians and trained counselors, will relay each other in order to attend to your concerns a few hours a day. They aim to provide quality mental health support through the exercise of efficient listening skills for those in France and abroad who may most benefit. This crisis unit is also available for those who are worried about people close to them, or for human service professionals in need of psychological support.

Languages available: French, English, Bambara, Peul, Wolof, Creole.

Use the form to sign up, indicating your prefered date and time slot.
A therapist will contact you accordingly. These first-come-first-serve 30 minute counseling sessions are designed to respond to the influx of demand while providing an opportunity to briefly highlight your own needs.

There are several possible outcomes at the end of the session:

-You may consider engaging in regular psychotherapy during the period of confinement in order to better explore strategies for coping

-You may be referred to an institutional provider (FRANCE only) for more extensive care (psychological, psychiatric, medical, paramedical)

-You may sign up for a second brief counseling time slot online, without the guarantee that you will be speaking to the same provider.

The Covid-19 crisis clinic is a volunteer based gratuitous initiative by psy noirEs. It is NOT a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Collaborators in the network Collectif Β PsynoirEs share an intersectionalist theoretical perspective or life experience and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation.

For more information contact us by email



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