Lunchtime, a moment to come back to one’s senses. 

Locked away indoors all day till the walls begin to grow on us, it would serve us well to look up and out. 

Why not take a brisk walk in the winter cold? Feel the frozen breath of the season on our cheeks? 

Why not investigate the tree fruits and seeds? Fallen acorns or samares of the city maples, perhaps the shimmer of luneria seedpods will catch your attention, or the bright berries of the cotoneaster. 

The grasses are tired and faded to various browns, moving and creaking like elderly men. Look out for small rodents: where have they gone to escape the cold? Why not lift a head to admire how the birds who do not migrate continue their singsong. 

Maybe lean against a dormant tree. 

Oh, is that a face?

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