“Creativity is a force of Nature.” Shaun Mcniff


Nature, the Arts within invokes two forces:

Nature, within….because Nature is not only “out there”, but “right here”. We have our inner nature to engage.

Art, because transformative process is creation, an attempt at re-crafting our relationship to the everyday.

img_3770As a trained therapist with clinical experience, I rely on some of the unique features and challenges of Art Therapy and Horticultural Therapy. These are modality which facilitate life enhancing practices of daily living through the conscious steps of engaging plant, garden and natural environments to support positive benefits.

But I also rely on the artistic process as a critical tool for insight.

Together, we can decide on the journey we will take together. You are the origin of your own actualisation. As you will come to realise through our contact, I am a companion, a witness, providing a sounding board and professional restitution of your therapeutic journey.

Reclaim vitality through sensory enrichment.

Benefits of guided activity may include (but are not limited to)


  • Stress reduction through increased feelings of calm and relaxation,
  • improved concentration and attentional capacity,
  • mood improvement,
  • enhanced sense of personal worth and self esteem,
  • increased sense of well being, healthier patterns of social functioning.
  • improved eye hand coordination or development of fine motor skills,
  • eco-educational learnings and aesthetic discoveries

But it really is about touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, sensing.

And then imagining, observing, wondering, admiring, creating.